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OFAH puts your donation into environmental action!


Where does my money go?

OFAH's vision is to ensure a future that includes healthy lakes and forests, bountiful fish and wildlife, and accessible opportunities for all Ontarians to share our passion for fishing, hunting, trapping and conservation. Your donation is used to further this vision. 

On average, our users donate ~$25/ month, and get significantly more back in rewards. 

Hassle Free 

Set an upper limit to your donation 

You're in charge! We have a $10 minimum donation for access to the offers, but you can set an upper limit so you never donate too much. 

Save on your Tax Bill

As a charitable donor, you will receive a year-end tax information slip that will enable you to save money on your taxes!

Easily keep track of your donations

We add up the rounded up amounts and make one single charge at the end of every month. 

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The Voice of Outdoor Enthusiasts Since 1928

We are an organization driven by ordinary people taking extraordinary initiatives to improve the great outdoors. You'll be joining over 100,000 members and a long and proud tradition of fish and wildlife conservation work. 

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We are fortunate to have an organization like OFAH that supports the outdoors lifestyle and works to ensure a bright future for future generations to enjoy.

Michael Burns

The OFAH does important work that impacts all Ontarians and its history of advocating for the best interests of anglers and hunters has long been worth supporting

Jenny Power

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact customer support?
Send an email to and we will get in touch with you.
Can I get a receipt for my donations?
Please contact to coordinate getting your tax receipt issued for your round up donations. Tax receipts are processed and sent out in February of the following year. Donation receipts issued for donations over $10.
Why do I need a credit card to participate?
When you enroll your credit card in the program, the program will round up each transaction you make to the nearest dollar amount. That calculated "spare change" is added to a virtual money jar. At the end of each month, that total amount of your spare change is your donation amount for the past month. We charge each of your enrolled cards the round ups accrued on the card as your donation amount, and the jar empties to start rounding up your purchases for the next month.
How can I link my card from my round-up program?
To link your card, log into your ChangeIt account and go to ‘Manage Credit Card’ in the navigation bar where you will then have the option to add your Visa or Mastercard card.
How does ‘rounding up’ my transactions work?
After linking your debit/credit card to your account, for each transaction you make using that linked card we’ll calculate the difference between the transaction amount and the nearest whole dollar. This difference is what we call the ‘round up’. For example, if you make a transaction for $2.04 the ‘round up’ will be $0.96.
How do I stop participating after I’ve enrolled?
If you decide you no longer want to support the charity, you can stop your participation by going to ‘Manage Credit Card’ in the navigation bar and click the trash can icon to unlink enrolled card(s).
If I unlink a card before the end of the month, will the money already rounded up be taken?
No, once a card is unlinked, no more money will be billed to that card. Only cards that are linked at the end of the month will have a debit applied.
Can I enroll any payment card into the program?
At this time, you can only use a Canadian Visa or Mastercard credit card for this program. Be sure to check back from time to time for updates on other options.
How can I keep track of my transaction/donation history?
Each transaction/donation you make will be shown in the ‘Activity’ section in your account, allowing you to see each individual transaction with how much you donated and when you donated.
How can I access a list of offers as part of my participation in the round-up program?
Offers are categorized and shown on the homepage of your account with further information of these offers shown when you click on the specific offer.
Can I use the offers if I’m not enrolled?
To redeem the offers shown in the program, you need to be an enrolled member. Think of them as a reward for enrolling to contribute monthly to the charity. To enroll in the program, click here.
How do I see the OFAH ChangeIt program and privacy policy?
You can access OFAH's Privacy Policy charity here. You can access the ChangeIt Terms of Service here. And here's a link to the OFAH-ChangeIt Privacy Policy.

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